News regarding the tools from the last few months:

  • Bye Bye SEI 3.2:
    more than 2 years ago, in 2015, we shifted to a new version of the SEI assessment (SEI 4.0) which reduced the questions to 77 from more than 140. 
    The old version of the SEI assessment (SEI 3.2) was already not available in the system, for standard projects but from next week  it will be permanently unavailable on the tools system.

  • Algorithm update for Brain Talents (August 1st, 2018):
    to keep improving the accuracy of our metrics we are launching an updated version of the algorithm for the Brain Talent scoring. This could slightly affect the scores and preferences displayed on older reports.
    The new algorithm would make the BBP and the BTP more aligned and more evenly distributed. The downside is that is you are in the middle of a pre-post project the results might vary (although, since we don't display scores on talents, this should not be a major issue). That said, if you think this could affect an important project you are doing, please contact me.

  • New UEQ Profile:
    UEQ profile is a new profile focused on the main Six Seconds model of Know Yourself, Choose Yourself and Give Yourself (KCG). We now have it in the system in English US, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Arabic.
    This new profile will be free till the end of September, and by that time we will evaluate the final pricing.
    There is a free e-learning course available for people who are already assessors or practitioners to get access to the new tool, if you are interested contact your Regional Network Director.

  • pYV algorithm update (August 1st)
    the pYV is our new Perspective Youth Version SEI assessment, for children of all ages, where an adult gives feedback on how they see the child. The questionnaire and algorithm have been revalidated and the shortened questionnaire will be online by August 1st.

  • New Group Report
    we are currently creating a powerful new group report for the SEI AV which will be released later in the year.

  • New SEI AV norms for India
    assessors will now be able to choose norms for India when setting up a SEI AV project.

  • Current tools languages available
    updated table on this confluence page: Tools languages

  • GDPR compliance (May 2018)
    we added a cookie consent and updated the privacy policy and terms of use on all the tools and websites.


Stay tuned, we have got a lot more coming this year!

News regarding the tools intranet from the last few months:

  • You can now request the Neural Network report with no other report needed as prerequisite. (Before, in order to generate the NN report you needed either the Leadership report or the Development report as a prerequisite. You still need to be certified in the full SEI model in order to use the NN report.)

  • Current tools languages available, updated table on this confluence page: Tools languages


Stay tuned, we have got a lot more coming this year! 

Now when you are using the Groups function in SEI, when you click to Add People to Group and search, you can easily add everyone in your search parameters.

For example, if you have many projects for "XYZ Inc" (XYZ Inc 3-14, XYZ Inc 5-29, XYZ Inc leaders) – you could do a search for projects containing "XYZ Inc" and then add the ALL to the group at once, instead of only adding 15 at a time (the way is was before).

New function looks like this, if I search for "john" there are many pages of results. I can checkmark to add the first 15... then, the system asks if I want to add the rest:


If I click where it says "Click here" to add all, it then says:


Now, if I scroll down and click to add to group, 

all 379 are added.


By the way, it says "conversations" because we showed our developers how this works on Gmail... probably we'll change it to say "test takers" (smile)

Tools Update in June 2017

There were many fixes released today in an update of including:

Corrections to Turkish, Arabic, Spanish, German & Czech Leadership Reports

Corrections to Czech Profiles

Corrections to French & German SEI Questionnaires

In the system, Latin American Spanish version is now referred to as "Spanish (LAC)" for "Latin America & Caribbean"

Beta version of French Profiles created now in testing process

Beta version of the new "EVS Mini" classroom climate tool now in testing process

Development of new "help text" system to be able to add tips for using the Tools system in multiple languages

Upgrades to security systems to use current new "TLS 1.2" standards

Upgrades to the account management system in preparation for launch of new "single sign on" implementation to improve security and convenience


Reminder, for technical assistance with Tools, please email



New: Dashboards, credit management, Spanish and more. At Six Seconds, we are committed to keeping our tools up to date and user friendly. You’ll now have access to several powerful improvements on


  1. You can now create a Group inside your Tools account (e.g., people from one project, or a mix of projects) and automatically generate a DASHBOARD for the group. Instructions are here:

  2. If you are a Network Leader doing Cafés, or received a Grant from Six Seconds, you can now request a project be approved as a free project. Instructions are here:

  3. Now, when adding a report or profile to an existing test-taker, the instructions are clearer. See these pages in the Knowledge Base for instructions:
    SEI reports:

  4. The Profiles are now available in Latin-American Spanish and in UK English and the SEI Leadership Report is now available in Dutch. For a current list of which tools are in which languages, please see 

  5. At the bottom of you will see our universal footer to help you find your way, this matches the footer on with handy links to key places.

  6. Errors have been corrected in the adult and youth Profiles (e.g., in Turkish, Japanese) and the Portuguese Leadership Report.

  7. South African norms are now available when creating a SEI project. 

  8. A new Information Security policy document ( has been created because a client requested that we provide a detailed overview of security policies. This may be useful for Assessors working with some organizations.

  9. Improvement have been made to the tracking of certifications, so each assessment can be enabled for each Assessor, rather than all the SEI tools being enabled at once. For example, if you have completed your SEI Certification but did not complete the SEI-YV, you will not be able to access the SEI-YV.
    Note: If you find yourself unable to access a tool in which you are certified, please notify your Regional Network Director to correct this.

  10. The Practitioner Knowledge Base has been further expanded with additional help and how-to articles. Shortcut:

To improve the significance and value of your Six Seconds certification, we've upgraded the certification renewal process

Here are the instructions on how to check your status and renew


Why the change?
We believe in the value of a community of "practitioners" -- which means practicing... and having a way to see who is involved & current.  We've had a renewal process in the certification license for years, but we never had a system for it. So, we interviewed dozens of our cert alumni to find out... and designed this new Renewal process with 2 goals:
1. For you to be stronger, clearer, more powerful in your EQ work
2. To raise the value and meaning of being certified for everyone

What's changed?
Up ‘till now, to renew your Six Seconds certification(s), we’ve required 15 hours per year of continuing education + a renewal fee + annual membership. We’ve made a decision to drop the renewal fee and improve the process to focus on being active!
As you can see below, renewal now requires:
12 units of Six Seconds Accredited Continuing Education

We believe this new process will be valuable, and we're committed to making it that way with you and our whole global EQ community.


Six Seconds Certification Renewal Process

Starting 1/1/17 Annual Renewal Requirements 

1. Confirmation of 12 hours of accredited continuing education to stay up-to-date

See upcoming ACE (accredited continuing education) courses - or get yours accredited

Here is a log-form available to help you track your hours.

Renewal includes free Ally membership in the EQ library ($50 value). Optional Premium membership is additional $280 per year, providing access to many more items in the EQ library (currently almost all only in English). This is available only to people with an active certification.

On completion, your profile will show your certifications as active (or inactive) and Active people will appear in our forthcoming interactive map on (here is a prototype example of the map, but the real one will have a link to your profile)


Non Renewal

If you do not renew, your online profile will be marked INACTIVE and your Tools account and certified library access will be blocked. 

To renew an INACTIVE certification, you will need to re-do the eLearning related to your course (free of charge) plus use at least 100 credits.

If your account is INACTIVE for 24 months, your profile will be marked LAPSED, and you will have to re-attend the course to renew your certification (at a discounted registration fee).

Al fine di migliorare il valore delle certificazioni Six Seconds e mantenere sempre più il focus sulla qualità del processo di erogazione dei tool Six Seconds, qualunque certificazione Six Seconds dovrà essere rinnovata annualmente. 

Ecco le istruzioni su come controllare il proprio stato e rinnovare

Prima però di entrare nel dettaglio sono felici di dirti che, dal momento che hai conseguito una certificazione Six Seconds, hai diritto ad una membership Ally in

Cosa prevede il rinnovo annualmente?

12 crediti ACE (unità di Six Seconds). Per info clicca qui
L'utilizzo di 100 crediti per dimostrare di essere attivi.


Il processo di Rinnovo della Certificazione Six Seconds


Dal 1 gennaio 2017 il rinnovo della tua certificazione Six Seconds richiede, ogni anno, di:

  • Utilizzare almeno 100 crediti (Profile, SEI, VS) durante l’anno così da mantenere il focus sull’erogazione degli assessment a cui ti sei certificato. Cento crediti significa più o meno 3 persone a cui restituire un report! Quindi un minimo allenamento che ti consentirà però di non perdere il feeling con lo strumento.
  • Accumulare 12 ore di crediti ACE. Queste ore formative serviranno per mantenerti aggiornato sul tema Intelligenza Emotiva ed erogare sempre più valore al cliente finale**

Il rinnovo annuale include il mantenimento gratuito della membership Ally (50$ di valore) su, il portale dell’Intelligenza Emotiva! Come detto in precedenza, lì potrai tenere sempre aggiornato il tuo profilo, accedere a free eLearning, partecipare a gruppi di lavoro in distance e scaricare materiale sull’EQ dalla Library. 
Al conseguimento di una certificazione o al suo rinnovo, il tuo profilo su evidenzierà la certificazione stessa come attiva e tutti i certificati attivi appariranno su una mappa interattiva visibile sul sito di Six Seconds (simile a questa ma linkata al tuo profilo personale).
In più, se vorrai, potrai effettuare l’upgrade del tuo account attivando la membership Premium a 280$ annui. Questa opzione è possibile solo per chi ha una certificazione Six Seconds attiva.


NOTA BENE: poco prima della data di scadenza della certificazione, vai sulla tua opagina chiamata CERTIFICATION RENEWAL e assicurati che ti compaiono le 12 unità ACE e di aver compilato in ogni sua parte la tabella delle info personali. Se così è, clicca in pulsante blu RENEW (che ti dovrebbe apparire nella pagina stessa, in basso a destra - se non appare contatta spiegando la situazione).

Ricordati che potrai sempre utilizzare il gruppo facebook dedicato ai certificati italiani:
** Le ore formative di Six Seconds (CREDITI ACE)
 Le 12 ACE Units (ore di Continuing Education) saranno ottenibili scegliendo da una lista di attività accreditate direttamente da Six Seconds.

Ecco tutte le opportunità (gratuite e non) per collezionare le 12 unità: How to Earn ACE Units (in a chart)#Italiano

Nel caso NON si proceda con il processo di rinnovo
Se decidi di non rinnovare la certificazione, il tuo profilo online sarà segnato come INATTIVO, la tua library su non sarà più disponibile e il tuo account tools bloccato.
Se il tuo profilo è segnato come  INATTIVO hai ancora la possibilità di rinnovo semplicemente svolgendo un eLearning collegato al tuo percorso di certificazione + utilizzo di almeno 100 crediti.
Se il tuo account rimane INATTIVO per 24 mesi, la certificazione sul tuo profilo sarà evidenziata come DISATTIVA e per rinnovare la certificazione dovrai rifare il percorso.


The Tools Intranet now includes a powerful tool to help you manage your credits - it's a "log" like a bank balance, which you can view and download.

When you log into the Tools system ( you'll see Credits Management under the Credits menu.


More details: Manage Credits - Transaction Record

Sometimes when you create a SEI project, you want the system to send the reports even if they'd normally be blocked. Now you can!

You'll see two checkmark options when setting up your SEI projects, and there is a (question) icon with info on the SEI project settings.


For more, see: Block or Enable Emailing of Reports