News regarding the tools from the last few months:

  • Bye Bye SEI 3.2:
    more than 2 years ago, in 2015, we shifted to a new version of the SEI assessment (SEI 4.0) which reduced the questions to 77 from more than 140. 
    The old version of the SEI assessment (SEI 3.2) was already not available in the system, for standard projects but from next week  it will be permanently unavailable on the tools system.

  • Algorithm update for Brain Talents (August 1st, 2018):
    to keep improving the accuracy of our metrics we are launching an updated version of the algorithm for the Brain Talent scoring. This could slightly affect the scores and preferences displayed on older reports.
    The new algorithm would make the BBP and the BTP more aligned and more evenly distributed. The downside is that is you are in the middle of a pre-post project the results might vary (although, since we don't display scores on talents, this should not be a major issue). That said, if you think this could affect an important project you are doing, please contact me.

  • New UEQ Profile:
    UEQ profile is a new profile focused on the main Six Seconds model of Know Yourself, Choose Yourself and Give Yourself (KCG). We now have it in the system in English US, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Arabic.
    This new profile will be free till the end of September, and by that time we will evaluate the final pricing.
    There is a free e-learning course available for people who are already assessors or practitioners to get access to the new tool, if you are interested contact your Regional Network Director.

  • pYV algorithm update (August 1st)
    the pYV is our new Perspective Youth Version SEI assessment, for children of all ages, where an adult gives feedback on how they see the child. The questionnaire and algorithm have been revalidated and the shortened questionnaire will be online by August 1st.

  • New Group Report
    we are currently creating a powerful new group report for the SEI AV which will be released later in the year.

  • New SEI AV norms for India
    assessors will now be able to choose norms for India when setting up a SEI AV project.

  • Current tools languages available
    updated table on this confluence page: Tools languages

  • GDPR compliance (May 2018)
    we added a cookie consent and updated the privacy policy and terms of use on all the tools and websites.


Stay tuned, we have got a lot more coming this year!

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