Now when you are using the Groups function in SEI, when you click to Add People to Group and search, you can easily add everyone in your search parameters.

For example, if you have many projects for "XYZ Inc" (XYZ Inc 3-14, XYZ Inc 5-29, XYZ Inc leaders) – you could do a search for projects containing "XYZ Inc" and then add the ALL to the group at once, instead of only adding 15 at a time (the way is was before).

New function looks like this, if I search for "john" there are many pages of results. I can checkmark to add the first 15... then, the system asks if I want to add the rest:


If I click where it says "Click here" to add all, it then says:


Now, if I scroll down and click to add to group, 

all 379 are added.


By the way, it says "conversations" because we showed our developers how this works on Gmail... probably we'll change it to say "test takers" (smile)